Grilling The Net Gurus - How They Make Tons of Money On The Internet

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Give Me Five Minutes - And I'll Give You the Best Kept Secrets of the Internet's Top 'Million Dollar' Gurus !
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Dear Internet Friend,

"After I'd hung up the phone, I couldn't help but scream at the top of my lungs!... I had just completed another confidential million dollar phone call, that was going to catapult my online business into ultra high gear within a few days...

It was one of the most exciting days of my life!"

Have you ever wondered why people like Yanik Silver consistently generate bulging six figure incomes on the Internet year after year, while over 95% of the other marketing 'experts' can't even turn a meager 4-digit profit?

Imagine, if you could somehow, get into the minds of some of the very best Internet marketers of our time, and secretly discover their most jealously guarded tips and tricks. The tricks that make them wizards at their trade!

Let's get down to brass tacks!

You've bought all the super courses... and signed up for all the killer ezines... You've read all the insiders' reports and poured over the million freebie resources... But somehow, you just know that something's missing.

My strong hunch is that when you're finished, you just wished somehow that you could simply sit down one to one with a real expert.

Not those fly-by-night, two-bit, wannabes... But someone who is really generating an online income to be proud of.

Someone like the unbelievable Terry Dean of Biz Promo, who actually made a documented $33,000 in one weekend in front of 72 live onlookers...

...or the phenomenal Joe 'Mr. Fire' Vitale, considered by many as the most mind-blowing, record shattering copy writer alive in the U.S. today. (And it's no wonder why... This man actually wrote a sales piece that produced a 91% response rate!).

You can't even begin to imagine the truly hypnotic writing powers of this man. Believe me... I've witnessed his work, and he's a sight to behold.

What about spending even 1/2 hour with the results-only, super genius that is Yanik Silver.

The 28 year old young man who simply defies all logic, by making money where others have failed miserably, with marketing techniques that can unlock even the tightest of wallets! (To the tune of $20,000 a month with his debut project.)

I'll telling you... If you could just get to chat with these legends, no holds barred, and have them answer the many questions that the 'courses' don't, your business could be in for a shot of steroids that may be lethal... to your competition that is!

Make no mistake about it. Trying to squeeze in even a half hour of private conversation with these guys can cost you over $250... bare minimum. And, as sure as the earth is round, it'd be worth every penny and then some.

That's why what I'm about to say, has gob-smacked almost everyone I've told it to.

Listen up, 'cause what I'm gonna tell you about is nothing short of a honey of a deal.

A friend of mine, Alex Sampson, somehow managed to get these very money making experts to volunteer for brain surgery.

A chance like no other!

Alex literally sat these guys down, turned on the interrogation lights real high, and practically grilled them to a crisp, to get to what most people simply can't seem to figure out... Exactly how do you make real cash online. No crap!

But that's only half the story...

You see, through a very special deal, Alex has decided to allow me to offer you, Volume 1 of these awesome chronicles for next to nothing. PLUS the chance to resell it yourself and keep every cent you make!

Now, this didn't come easy.

In fact, Alex hasn't even decided if he's going to let the rest of the Internet in on all the gems he got from the rest of our top notch team of super marketers.

But as part of a very special test, he's broken the information up into 'Volumes' and has decided to make Volume 1, (his interview with Yanik Silver), publicly available! (Not to mention make some enemies in the process!)

Before I even go into the many nuggets of pure gold that you'll glean from this very exclusive first Volume, just keep in mind that over 95% of the "Online-Marketing centered Internet" is currently desperately in search of the insight you are about to own!

It goes without saying that if you could :-

  • Finally find out exactly how much money you need to get started online, to make some serious cash fast, you'd never be second guessing, and tricked into false hopes again!

  • Know exactly how to spend your first $200 online to do everything from testing a product idea, to driving buckets of targeted traffic to your site, to generating a steady cash flow, without ever wasting a dime...

  • Know what conversion rates are acceptable to begin rollout with. This way you can literally guarantee that all your promotions are highly profitable before you even start!

  • See exactly how Yanik chooses a project that he knows is so hot he hardly has any work to do selling it! This will work for you guaranteed!

  • Discover the two biggest reasons people fail online. Know these and avoid the pitfalls that other marketers don't even know exist.

    Are you making one of these inexcusable mistakes online? I sure hope not!

  • Hear Yanik whisper the secrets to generating 10,000 visitors to your site in two days with a zero budget!

    Mind blowing in simplicity.

  • See what mistakes Yanik made in his first month online, and how he still turned over $1900 in pure profits, as a 'newbie'.

  • Find out the methods Yanik used to grow his list to over 25,000 people. Methods that still work now!

  • Get a first hand confession to the tools that he uses daily to make his profits soar, and his workload minimal.

  • Use the very same tests Yanik uses to judge a good piece of copy... Now you can tweak and perfect you own sales copy till it beats the pants off of your prospects!

  • Understand the single biggest piece of advice that any online guru can give you... This is why an estimated 90% of marketers end up throwing in the towel.

    But it'll never happen to you, as Yanik explains this with an illustration that'll will stick with me for the rest of my life!

  • Lots more!

Sounds to good to be true doesn't it?

Well it probably is. ;-)

I mean, how much would it be worth to you, to latch on to these timeless truths.

And, I'm only just getting started!

Warning !!

This is not theoretical boon-doodle!

These are Yanik's actual day to day tactics that seriously make him money.

If you are scared of stuffing your bank account, please STOP reading now!

By now you're probably wondering how in the world you could get your hands on this resource.

Especially seeing as Alex, was honestly considering, (somewhat selfishly may I add ;-) not to allow one word of these hush-hush sessions to slip out into the open. And to keep empowering his own business, using the secrets himself.

As I mentioned before, if you tried to pay for such an interview yourself, you'd probably spend well within the hundreds. At least $250!

Then of course most of us, would have no idea what to ask, and we'd probably sadly waste most of that time anyway.

Well not Alex! Having been at this for over two years, he has a pretty good handle on exactly what to suggestively ask to get cash magnet answers... Believe me!

He simply wouldn't allow Yanik to shy away from a question, in a relentless search for a profitable response!

So the professional prodding in addition to the time and effort taken to actually have these conversations transcribed into a silver platter meal, should easily jack this resource up to say $350.

Then of course there's the scarcity factor. You simply don't know if you'll be seeing any more of these undercover 'chats' ever again.

The bottom line is this, as said by one of the readers of Grilling the Net Gurus - Volume 1 :-

"...The interview with Yanik is a revealing insight into this extraordinary marketer.

This is a must-read for anyone who's striving to build a successful and profitable web business."

- Mickey Wong -

Using the truths gleaned from this resource can literally translate into solid cash within days! So let me go back to the question I had asked you earlier... How much is all of this worth to you?

$ 350... $400...? $1000...?

Let me give it to you straight... We are not talking about some over-hyped 'has-been'.

I'm giving you a chance to get in on the deceptively simple, but ultimately 'pay-dirt' solutions of a crack shot marketer, who is 'doing it' today, even as we speak.

In the time it takes you to read this letter, he can probably make more cash than you do in a month.

But here's what... I understand that the average Joe who needs this, is either :-

1) Tired of spending money on 'resources' and not seeing much returns, or

2) Simply can't afford to or otherwise won't pay the street value price for the info inside.

And what's more is that I don't want you to lose your shirt over this.

Let me be up front with you. If you're buying this to discover the 8th wonder of the world... FORGET IT!

That 8th wonder, "buy-me-and-succeed-guaranteed" nonsense isn't marketing... It's hype, and I'm not into that.

I'm into simplistic ground zero info that works! In my mind hype and 'effortless-make-you-rich-just-for-buying' products are a cancer of the Internet, that should be stamped out.

But if you've ever been curious as to what it'd be like to talk one on one with champion marketers, and just get some plain language advice, then $17 is a painless drop of an investment for you.


Despite the fact that it's easily worth over $350, and that it could translate itself into several thousands of dollars (with hard work of course. Don't let anyone lie to you)... If you order today, while my royalty is still good, you pay not one red cent more than $17.

And you get access to Grilling the Net Gurus - Volume 1 (the only Volume as yet released) almost instantly!

But that's not even the tip of the iceberg.


FREE reprint rights means you sell it and keep 100% of the profits!

I made an outrageous promise earlier, and I intend to keep it.

Try Grilling the Net Gurus now, and get as a super special bonus, the unlimited resellers' rights to the ebook as well.

If you were wondering about the value before, allow me to seal it in your minds. The reprint rights alone are worth well over $350... Yes in addition to the worth of the ebook by itself, that is.

Think about it.

That's easily $700... You are paying only $17 today. Less than 60 cents a day for the next month.

Just making one sale of this resource after that, puts your money back in your pocket instantly!

And trust me, that would be easy as pie, because not only do you get the reprint rights to the ebook, but you also get the exclusive right to use this very web site and its razor sharp sales copy as your own. (Don't even try to put a worth on that!)

I can't be any fairer than that, yet I'm still gonna try...

Here's my better-than-risk-free-ironclad guarantee to you.

If you purchase this resource and don't find anything inside that was worth the meager $17, (quite frankly very unlikely) then I want you to send me a short note, demanding for your money back, no questions asked.

And get this... You can even KEEP THE EBOOK as my gift to you!

You've even got one full year to check it out!

You simply cannot lose.

(Yes, sometimes I'm a bit nutty, even naive. But I think that most folks are more honest than we give them credit for.)

I urge you to take action now.

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You owe it to yourself.

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Zac Hewlett

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