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It is impossible for us to tell the world about the "How to Create a Fortune on the Internet In Just Four Simple Steps" and other high quality eBooks and software. We're more than happy to have you share the income when you help us spread the word.

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  1. We Offer Valuable Product. This is the most important thing. What's the point to promote something that nobody is going to buy? Our ebooks are extremely valuable, and are in great demands. Just imagine how many people are looking for ways to make money on the Internet! And how many of them are actually earning money online? Most people just cannot resist an offer that will guarantee them to make real money on the Internet.

    For instance, one of our ebooks How to Create a Fortune on the Internet In Just Four Simple Steps is written by Corey Rudl, the most well-known and successful Internet business guru in the world today. Corey¡¯s course "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" literally crushed the competition and became the #1 best-selling Internet marketing course overnight - at the price of $197!

    In his new eBook How to Create a Fortune on the Internet In Just Four Simple Steps Corey revealed the same 4-step formula he's personally used to make $6.2 million per year online. And the price is just $37 - really good value for money!

  2. Never Worry About Getting Paid. We use a third-party, SellShareware, to manage our affiliate program. SellShareware is an industry leader in credit cards processing and affiliate programs management. Because of this, you'll never have to worry about getting your money. The second you assist in making a sale, is the second that SellShareware deposits the money from our account directly into yours!

  3. It's Free and Easy. You can instantly generate income without any cost or obligation on your part. All you have to do is to sign up and setup links from your web pages to ours in minutes. We take care of everything - charging credit cards, delivering the product, and providing any customer service when necessary.

  4. All Your Traffic and Leads Are Tracked. You will not lose your sales just because your visitors do not buy the first time they visited our site. You will get credit for the sales even if the visitors you referred buy it months later! You can log into your SellShareware account anytime to check your statistics and commissions in real time.

  5. We Have the Highest Payout Rate. We aren't going to skimp on commissions. We know what kind of work you have to do to drive traffic to our site. We offer 50% commissions - always. *After deducting credit card processing fee.

  6. We Have the Highest Conversion Rates. We tweak our sales copy to maximum effectiveness. You want to turn as many visitors into buyers as you can. So do we. Some programs force you to send mega-traffic in return for few sales. One percent might be the norm for others. But at the moment, we're turning 2.3% of our visitors into buyers.

  7. We Provide Marketing Tools for Our Affiliates. We aren't going to give you a link and tell you to have a good time. Instead, we provide dozens of available links and banners you can use. And we are enlarging this list all the time. We also teach you how to market affiliate programs more effectively.

  8. We Are Always Here to Help. You may find affiliate programs that look like the owner went on a year-long vacation. Not us. Have a question, comment or suggestion? Fire it to us. We'll see what we can do. Just email to webmaster@working-at-home-business.com

  9. Get Paid Every Month. We won't hold your money or pay quarterly like some affiliate programs do. SellShareware sends out checks every month (a minimum payout of $50 is required).

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