How to Write Killer Advertising that Practically Forces People to Respond

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Ad Copywriting Techniques

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How to Write Killer Advertising that
Practically Forces People to Respond

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6) Use Pronouns (I, You, He, She)

Again, we are going to make the literature teachers angry at us, but Using "I" "You" "He" "She" throughout your advertising copy will produce more cash orders. People will begin to identify with you. They will begin to say, "Yes, I can do that." They will be drawn into the picture you are painting of them enjoying or succeeding with your product or service. Creating a picture of them and their needs being met by your company spells creating an order.

7) Focus on Benefits, Not Features

This is a lesson mail order & direct mail professionals have been trying to get over to us for years. You must focus on the benefits of your product, not its features. Although it may sound like these two things are one in the same, they most definitely are not. Which way you lead your presentation which will make a big difference between the success and failure of your advertising campaign.

Your productís features are things such as pay plan, product ingredients, what it is made of, etc. Benefits are what your product will do for them. Features are product centered. Benefits are prospect centered. Benefits are things such as "How much will your prospect make? How much weight can they lose? How much hair will they grow?" You have to make your advertising copy prospect centered instead of product centered.

8) Use Lots of Adjectives & Adverbs

You will notice in mail order, there is not the "information packed manual." There is a "huge 62 page information packed manual with step-by-step instructions." When writing your ads, take your descriptions to the limit. Then, you can cut it down some as you go over it. Describe the product. Paint a picture in your prospectís mind of them using your products or services. If you are selling Home Business information, paint a picture of the prospect succeeding in business, making money daily, having more free time, etc.

As a general rule, people do not buy because of logic. Too much failed advertising is logic oriented. Too many people say, "It is only logical for them to buy my product." If that is your idea, it wonít sell. People buy because of emotion. Create practical logical products. Then, write advertising that uses emotion to make sales. Paint the picture of your prospect both with and without your product. Make them need your product. Make your product have an emotional appeal to them. Then, you will make sales.

9) Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful selling tool and should be used at every opportunity. Include testimonials in all of your ads if possible. Many Great Selling Ads are made up of 1/3 to 1/2 testimonials of the companyís products or services. Getting testimonials is easier than many of us think also. Make up a testimonial form (With signature required) and hand it out to all of your clients. Let them know you care what they think about your products and services. Make it easy for your clients to give you testimonials. Then, use them in all of your advertising if possible.

10) Free Bonuses For a Limited Time

Something Free is always a drawing factor in advertising. "Free" is probably the most powerful advertising word in existence. Anything that you sell that has a price of more than $20 should always have Free Bonuses attached, and most products under $20 should have Free Bonuses also if possible. Then, You should always make your Free Bonuses for a Limited Time Only to Bring in Orders Now. This has the Effect of "Sale" on a prospectís mind and moves them to order now. All advertising must be geared for the prospect to Order Now! And Free Bonuses donít have to cost you very much either. Include something that you can reproduce cheaply, but has a high value to your prospects.

11) Strong Guarantee

The best way to gain trust in your prospectís mind for you is to include a solid guarantee on your products. The postal service requires a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on All Products sold by mail order unless your guarantee is mentioned. You should always include this guarantee if not more. "30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee! I refuse to Let Anyone Be Unhappy With Our Product!" Add guarantees to everything that you sell. This is a strong motivator to people and can overcome most fears and objections they have in their minds toward ordering from you.

12) Easy To Order

Make it easy for people to order from you. This almost goes without saying, but there are a lot of ads out there which have broken this rule. Tell people clearly how to order. For example, "Pick Up Your telephone and Call 1-800-000-0000 Now And Have your Credit Card Ready!" Or "Fill Out this Order Form and Make Your checks payable to Business Systems 2000 and then fax your order to 1-000-000-0000 or mail them to Business Systems 2000, Box 128, Richmond, IN 47375!" Make it clear to your customers what you want them to do to order now.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that you will increase your orders 50% - 100% just by accepting credit cards. They produce more trust and more orders for any small or home business. Order a copy of our "How to Increase Business By At Least 50% Just By Accepting Credit Cards" for information about merchant accounts and how 99% of home businesses (Even brand new startups) are able to obtain a merchant account for a very low cost.


Those are the twelve basics to advertising. Remember them. Go over them. Use them. It will make a difference in your business. Remember this report as your Twelve Step Program to Advertising Success:













Create your advertising materials and then go over them again and again to refine them, but always remember they are NEVER finished. Testing is the name of the game in advertising and then winner in the end will always be the one who has tested their advertising the most.

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