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Ecommerce Web Design and Designers

Choosing which type of web design to employ for your ecommerce store is highly important. It must be professional in presentation and sell, sell, sell with content, content, content.

We cannot emphasize this enough. Remember, you are in business to make money, not line the pockets of a web designer or flatter your own ego with a super cool, but useless web site.

Though, there are many aspects of web design, we've provided 3 highly important tips you should consider before designing your web site.

1) DO NOT USE FLASH, or other dynamic content for the entire site. This is sure death of your business as flash and most dynamic content cannot be indexed by the search engines. It's imperative you do not make your site 100% with any of these technologies : Flash, ASP, PHP, CFM, CGI, etc.

Numerous content rich, top level HTML pages are best for search engines and humans as far as we are concerned. Most flash introductions we find to be annoying and obtrusive. If you want to embed flash as a selling tool, and use dynamic scripting for the back side, we encourage that strongly. But, NEVER EVER MAKE A SITE IN 100% FLASH or other scripting languages.

2) FAT: Do not make your web site fat. This means, overloaded with graphics, music files, or other technology that takes to long to load. Many people are still using dial up, especially your average consumer. If you make your site fat, you can be sure to a have fat amount of frustration and wasted time.

3) CHANGE: Change is a constant. Do not marry any one style or design. Be willing to refine and modify as needed. A technology and design may sell well today, but tomorrow, it may not. To run a successful online store, you need to be aware of what's happening in the internet world, and with your customers, and change as needed.

To learn more about ecommerce web design, please contact one of our consultants. They will be happy to assist you with a free consultation. Ecommerce consultants.

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