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How to get high rankings at Search Engines?

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Meta Keywords Tag

The Meta Keywords tag has become less and less important as far as search engine optimization is concerned. In fact, you can get top rankings without the Keywords tag at all. However, just to be on the safe side, you should list your keywords here anyway.

The rules for Keywords tag are pretty simple - don't repeat any keyword in the Keywords tag more than three times and don't repeat any keyword one after another. 

Body Of The Page

Now we come to the actual body of the page.

Create a Heading for your page. Put your keywords in Heading tag. Include keywords in Heading tags and bold font whenever possible. The logic behind this is, if you emphasize these keywords in your pages, your pages must be somehow related to this subject.

Ensure that as many sentences as possible in the page contain your target keywords, especially in the first few lines of text. The closer to the beginning of a page, the more relevant search engines will think the page to be for particular keywords. The more you mention something in your page, the more likely this page is related to this subject.

Some search engines don't recognize the Description tag. These search engines will often simply take the first few lines of the body and display that as the description. So, you must ensure that the first few lines of text are attractive to human beings.

The way the keyword is placed should actually make grammatical sense and the repetition should be such that visitors do not feel that you have deliberately repeated a particular phrase throughout the page.

This is also important from the point of view of search engine optimization. The search engines may penalize your page for spamming if they find that you are practicing "keyword stuffing".

Include keywords in clickable link text. This can sometimes lead to a higher ranking.

Never try to cheat search engines. You WILL be caught sooner or later if you do. Some tricks might work several years ago, like using invisible text (white text on white background). Search engines are getting smarter everyday. Don't you think the programmers and engineers in these giant companies are as smart as we are? :-)

Put your keywords in your page so that they are used on 3-10% of the page. If you think the keyword density is not high enough, you can put keywords in image ALT tags and Comment tags.

Save the HTML file in a name with keywords as well. This will get you a higher ranking in a few search engines which give more emphasis on the keyword being present in the file name.

In summary, search engines rank pages according to keyword density and position. So make sure you have put keywords as many times as possible and in all the important places.

Link Popularity

Link popularity, the number of sites linking back to your site, is an increasingly important factor as far as search engine placement is concerned. Other things remaining the same, more the number of inbound links, higher will be its ranking.

What is important is not only the number of links to your site, but also the quality of the links. A link from a site which is related to yours is more valuable than a link from an unrelated site. A link from Yahoo is far more important than hundreds of links from personal sites with few visitors.

The key to get more inbound links is to develop useful content so that other webmasters will be willing to link to your site. You site has to provide valuable information for their visitors.

Tools and Resources

WebPosition Gold

Here's what Dr. Ralph Wilson, the editor of the famous Web Marketing Today newsletter, also my favorite, had to say about WebPosition Gold:

"After spending several months using the beta version of WebPosition Gold, I am convinced it is the best product of its kind on the market, bar none."

I doubt if there is any software which can be called the "ultimate site promotion tool", but if I were to choose one which comes close to it, I would blindly choose WebPosition Gold.

You can download a free trial version.


A great keyword suggestion and generation tool telling you which words are actually searched for by real people in major search engines. The free online service is powerful enough for many users.

You can get a free report on the top searched for words on the Internet from WordTracker.

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