Ads tracking and analyzing is the key to profitable online advertising.

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Ads tracking is the key to online advertising

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Ad Tracking


A simple, easy to use CGI ad tracking script.


A collection of web based tools including ad tracking, email autoresponder, that will help you to increase your ROI - Return on Investment


Very handy yet powerful web based ads tracking service.


Automated, easy to use tracking management tool.



Popup Generator

Simple to use software makes creating popups so easy, a child can do it! If you, or your customers, ever wanted to use the power of popups, this software is for you.

With Popup Generator, you can literally create a popup window how you want it, in less than 2 1/2 minutes. Master resell rights included.

An Exclusive Interview with 
Internet Marketing "Guru" Sam Robbins

For over a decade, Sam Robbins has been one of the top marketers both on and off the Internet. He has many successful businesses and web sites, has consulted small home-based businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies ... and most importantly he's the first to admit he's made a million mistakes along the way.

Anyway, this little introduction is not about Sam Robbins ... but rather what Sam can do FOR YOU. I had the rare opportunity to interview Sam recently ... and he has allowed me to make the entire transcript available to our customers, FREE of charge.

Not only is this interview extremely valuable and informative (Sam reveals the biggest keys to his success), but it's VERY RARE! This is the first interview that Sam has done in over two years, so pay close attention and listen to his wisdom!

Q. Sam, I know you've been involved in the launching of many very profitable web sites so let me ask you ... how do you know if a site is going to be profitable? What "precautions" do you take to increase the odds of success?

A. Well, there a million things that one needs to keep in mind before starting a new project. But let's just keep it simple. The main thing I keep in mind is to find or create a product or service where a MARKET and a DEMAND for it already exists.

This reduces your risk tremendously ... and there is less effort and money spent.

For example, we recently launched an awesome marketing tool at AdMinder. It's VERY successful mainly because it's something that ANY and ALL businesses need. If your goal is to make even $1, AdMinder will help you do it.

We don't have to go looking for customers ... they come to US because they need AND want to use it to make more money online.

Q. Right, excellent point. Now, once you've setup a new site what's the very next thing you do?

A. Once we've designed a new site, integrated the order processing system, etc. and everything is working properly, we prepare to start advertising (the marketing campaign).

No matter how we promote (free or paid sources), the MOST IMPORTANT factor is we make sure we have our tracking systems in place so we know what's going on once the promotions begin and the traffic hits.

We are spending valuable time and money on this and we aren't going to do any guess work. We want SCIENTIFIC numbers telling us what's going on, what's happened and what we need to do to increase sales and profits.

Q. Ok right, you mean you setup some type of log analysis system?

A. That's what most people do, but no, that's not what I mean at all. From a marketing standpoint, log file analysis is only half the battle. Analyzing your server logs will tell you how visitors are navigating your website, and what they do when they arrive, but it won't give you the rest of the information you need.

And generally speaking, for most people, it's very difficult to really make good sense out of your log files. I know for us, as our sites grow, the log files get more confusing and less accurate.

Like I said, you logs only give you a small fraction of the real information. For example, which of your ads and promotions are generating the most traffic, and even more importantly, the most sales (what's making you money - plain and simple).

These are just a few that come to mind, but without this information you're really just flying blind and wasting your time and money.

Q. That's a good point and I'm glad you brought that up. So tell us, exactly what kind of stats and other information do you track?

A. In order to maximize the return on our investments (ROI) in advertising, we carefully monitor a whole bunch of things. Such as:

* Unique visitors generated by each ad or promotion

* Number of sales generated by each ad or promotion

* Which ads are generating the most traffic and sales

* Cost-per-click, cost-per-sale, and clicks-to-sales ratios for each ad or promotion

* Return on investment, or ROI, for each ad or promotion

Those are the most important bits of information that we monitor on a minute-by-minute basis. Aside from ROI, my favorite stat is the clicks-to-sales ratio because it gives a great indication of the "quality" of traffic that is being generated by each ad or promotion.

For example, just last week I ran the same ad in 2 different but supposedly "targeted" e-zines. One of the ads is resulting in an average of 1 sale per every 36 visitors, and the other ad is only generating 1 sale out of every 152 visitors. You tell me, which of these e-zines would you prefer to advertise in?

Q. Yeah, that would make a big difference especially when you are dealing with numerous ads.

A. Right. EXACTLY! See, if you are only doing one or two ads, you can track everything manually. It's not that big of a deal. It's not that stressful. But as your ads grow and your "repeats" ads, you're going to go crazy trying to track everything. Before you know it, it becomes too much of a hassle and you stop.

Q. Hehe ... good point. We hear that all the time. And you know, it's very true. If things are complicated or too difficult to do, people just won't do it.

A. Simplicity, that's the key! We are all too busy these days to be doing "monkey work".

Q. What about general promotions and non-paying advertisements. How do you deal with those? Do you even track them?

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