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Interview with Corey Rudl:
The Secrets of an Internet Millionaire (Part 2)

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So, what specific suggestions do you have for someone interested in getting started marketing on the Web?

Wow! That's a huge question and, to be blunt, there's no way I could answer it in just a few minutes. In fact, that's why I wrote a 1,000-page course in the first place... There are literally hundreds of tips and suggestions for building a successful presence online. There is just so much to know if you want to do it right the first time. However, there is one tip that is more important than any other...

Get educated. Don’t think you can put up a web site and have traffic appear from out of nowhere. It does not work that way. Spend the time to educate yourself about how everything works. Research your market or idea and learn how to identify a niche market on the Internet. Create or market products that solve other people’s problems.

Another thing to look at is your competition. How big are they? What are they doing right and wrong?

Learn from people who practice what they preach -- find people that you KNOW are successful on the Internet and model yourself after them. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel and don't listen to people who cannot prove that they have done what you are trying to do.

There are so many "wannabes" out there who write books on web site promotion but don't even have a successful Internet business themselves. Find someone who you know is successful and use them as a mentor -- that's what I did. I had mentors, too.

Why do you feel that so many people who attempt to create an income on the Internet fail to do so?

Whoa, another loaded question! There are so many reasons, but here are the main ones. Bear with me, this will be a long answer:

Deciding on a product before finding a market is a big one. This is probably the most common mistake. If you are asking “What is a good product to sell online?” you are making this mistake right now! You need to decide on a market first.

The Internet makes it very easy to find people interested in a specific category like gardening, hunting, aeronautics, accountants, or any other interest group. Just about any group is easy to locate and target online through web sites, newsgroups, e-mail discussion lists, e-zines (electronic magazines), etc.

You have to make sure you have a captive audience, then find out what they are having a common problem with. If you can come up with a product or service to solve that problem, you have a guaranteed successful business. It's really that easy -- that's how all my businesses were built.

You don’t even really have to “sell” it, because you already know they want it before you launch your web site. And since you already know exactly where your customers are, it's easy to target them. I mean, it’s a no-brainer once you think about it.

Now, let’s turn that situation around for a second. Say scientists had found a cure for the common cold. You'd become a millionaire selling it online, right? Well, not necessarily! How do you find people that are sick online? You would have to market to the general Internet community to try and find the 1 out of 10,000 people that are sick that day. It would cost a ton of money to market to 10,000 people just to find one qualified buyer!

And to make matters worse, if you are selling this over the Internet, by the time you ship them the pill through the mail, they'd probably be over their cold! So by choosing the product instead of the market, you can actually fail no matter how great your product is.

Your course has a lot of information about generating traffic. Is that a big hurdle for online businesses?

Many people think they can build a web site, submit it to the search engines, and the buyers will come. The logic is that there are hundreds of millions of people online surfing around and that some of them are bound to stumble onto your product. Wrong! Search engine ranking is more competitive than ever.

Yes, there are secret ways to get high rankings in the search engines and we spend close to 40 pages in our course showing you how to do it. It is probably one of the most complex marketing techniques out there. There are lots of different options for grabbing high rankings. You can do it all yourself, or you can buy really good positioning software, or even hire specialized companies to do it for you.

The course even recommends which positioning software you should be using, as there is a lot of junk out there! The same with Search Engine Optimization companies -- most have no idea what they're doing. So my course shows you how to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

The real key is to know what your potential buyers do online. Are they searching online for a specific term? Are they visiting specific web sites all the time? Are they subscribed to topic-specific e-mail lists or e-zines? In other words, you need to know where your target market is “hanging out” online. If you can find where your potential buyers are, this is where you should spend your marketing and advertising money.

That is why I said before, spend your time getting educated, learning everything, and researching your market and product or service. Spend your time and money driving them to your site and then show them how your product solves a problem they have. Marketing is everything online! You could have the best product in the world selling for half of your competitor's price, but if you cannot get the word out, you don't stand a chance.

What are some of the big psychological obstacles for online entrepreneurs?

Number one in that department is definitely procrastination. I cannot tell you how many people I've met who have really great ideas and plans, but so few of them actually do what they say they are going to do. So turn off the TV, stop using your new baby as an excuse, stop going for drinks after work with friends, and take the time to get serious about your business! You will have plenty of time for all the rest when the big income starts rolling in.

Let's be honest here... We're all good at justifying excuses to ourselves. I've even done it a few times myself! But there really is no excuse for not following your dream. You're only hurting yourself.

The second biggest psychological obstacle is fear of failure. Never fear failure. Heck, we fail every day. The key is to fail small. In fact, your ticket to success is failing regularly! Every time you fail, you're eliminating bad ideas and getting closer to the things that work.

If you aren't failing, you are not learning. We test new ideas, new prices, new marketing strategies, new looks, new products every month! Most of them fail, and we expect that. And we don't call it failure, we call it testing.

We are just looking for the 5 winners out of every 100 small failures we have, because what we learn from the winners we apply to everything we have. Here's a perfect example: We don’t even send out an e-mail to our opt-in list without testing at least 4 versions of the e-mail to see which one performs the best -- that is how much you have to test. Some pull in 200% better results than others with small changes, so it's definitely worth it.

Speaking of results, what kind of results should people expect when they are just starting out?

Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results. This is another huge psychological barrier faced by many new entrepreneurs. Some people expect their business to be successful immediately and their dreams to come true overnight. It usually doesn't happen that way.

An Internet business is like any other business -- it takes work. The only difference on the Internet is that you can automate a lot of repetitive chores... and you can test and roll things out WAY faster than an offline business could.

Things generally start slow -- that is to be expected. But when it snowballs, it snowballs VERY fast! And you really have to be prepared, because the Internet moves at 7 times the speed of offline business. If you do things right, you can easily grow 700% faster than any offline business just due to the speed of business on the Internet.

Think of it this way: if you had just 30 people a day sign up for a newsletter, that adds up to over 10,000 subscribers in a year. This means that your company now has a database of 10,000 highly targeted leads to market your products to. If you were to purchase a list of 10,000 targeted leads (who have never even heard of you before and may not be receptive to your product), it could easily cost you up to $5 per lead.

So just by attracting 30 new people a day, you've created an asset that is worth around $50,000. Sometimes, even if it seems like things are moving slowly, you're actually building something great! I hope that makes sense.

If you could tell someone just one thing about how to be a success in marketing on the Web, what would it be?

That’s easy! Learn how to drive targeted traffic to your site inexpensively and the rest will all come. Once you've got the traffic, you can change the design of your site, you can test different prices, and you can even change products if your product isn't selling well. Without traffic, nothing you do will make your online business a success.

Now, don't get me wrong! You still have to sell a real product to real people for real money. You can't just build a site, promote it, and try to think of a way to make money after the traffic comes. That was what killed all of the so-called "dot-bombs" a couple of years ago.

So simply attracting lots of general traffic isn't necessarily a good thing?

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